Wednesday, 28 October 2015

coming back

This year I've really noticed that autumn seems to be a really inspirational time for knitters. Maybe it's a time when folk are indoors more, or maybe it's because a load of new stuff that comes on to the market before Christmas. Eveybody just wants to start all the things. Me included.

Much as I like heading off down a rabbit hole after some new inspiration, I also want to be mindful of the longer term projects that I've been working on. It seemed like a prime time to come back here, and talk about those things.

Remember the toile for Peony that I made aaaaaages ago? This summer I finally resurrected it for sewing school, to try and resolve the fit issues. The dress is tight around the shoulders and sleeves, and the whole thing lifted up when I moved my arms. A lot of the tops that I make have little creases at the back of the shoulder seam. You can see it here in the top I finished late last year. I'd tried adjusting the sleeves, and armhole with limited success.

Then it came to me. The answer was right in front of me. I have big boobs. You'd think a lady would know that about herself. Actually I didn't know that until about five years ago. You see, I also have a big frame, and large rib cage; so my boobs don't look that exciting. Ask anybody who's met me in person. It's not the first thing you notice. Five years ago I was finally fitted correctly, discovering that I was a D cup, and that bras could actually be comfortable.

Weirdly, I never actually linked this with the knowledge that most sewing patterns are designed round a B cup. The crinkling was being caused because the back pieces were too wide. The sleeves were tight because there wasn't enough fabric across my chest, and the sleeves were pulling in to compensate. I cut the pattern in a size smaller, and made a large bust adjustment. Viola, a bodice that fits well.

So I'm finally going in, all guns blazing with the peony dress. This revelation is just so exciting. I can't wait to revisit that favourite T-shirt pattern.

I'd love the hear about your fit issues. How did you discover them? How have you fixed them? What did you try on the way?